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ODDDCROP is an ensemble-based theatre company whose three ongoing components are the creation of new work, the training of young theatre artists, and a commitment to international collaboration.

ODDDCROP was founded in 2019 to find new modes of theatre production that transcend the mainstream model. ODDDCROP is commited to the exploration of training methodologies and the development of collaborative approaches to the creation of performance, with the emphasis on marrying movement disciplines and literary dramatic theatre.

ODDDCROP’s work is about bringing together performers, designers, writers, artists and specialists from diverse fields to develop and evolve a shared creative language that is distinctive and visually rich.



ODDDCROP is committed to providing a gymnasium-for-the-soul where the interaction of art, artists, audiences and ideas inspire the possibility for change, optimism and hope.

ODDDCROP was built on the bedrock of ensemble. We believe that through the practice of collaboration, a group of artists working together over time can have a significant impact upon both contemporary theatre and the world at large.

Through our performances, educational programs and collaborations with other artists and thinkers, ODDDCROP will continue to challenge the status quo, to train to achieve artistic excellence in every aspect of our work, and to offer new ways of seeing and of being as both artists and as global citizens.




Oliver Chong

Oliver Chong is an award-winning director, playwright, actor and designer. Some of his memorable works include Roots, I’m Just A Piano Teacher, Cat, Lost & Found, The Book of Living and Dying, Citizen Pig and Citizen Dog. His numerous nominations at The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards include Production of the Year and Best Director for I’m Just a Piano Teacher, Production of the Year for Off Centre, Best Director and Best Script for Citizen Pig, Best Actor for Roots, Invisibility/Breathing and Art, Best Supporting Actor for Itsy, the musical, Flare, Best Ensemble for Senang, Shit Hole, First Family, Rashomon, and A Cage Goes in Search of a Bird respectively, and Best Set Design for Twisted.

In 2011, he won Production of the Year for A Cage Goes in Search of a Bird with A Group of People. In 2013, he won Production of the Year and Best Script for Roots. The production has since toured Hong Kong and Taiwan to critical acclaim. Roots was also read and staged in New Zealand by Proudly Asian Theatre. In 2016, he was invited to perform in a site-specific, 108-hour durational one-man show Time Between Us at the Singapore International Festival of Arts. In 2017, he was selected to perform in the international premiere of Blood and Rose Ensemble in Taipei, directed by Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group’s Director Wang Chia Ming, a co-commission by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Taiwan National Performing Arts Centre Innovation Series Theater Festival.

To date, Oliver has performed at international arts festivals with touring productions in Paris, Myanmar, Barcelona, Budapest, Ankara, Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. He has conducted acting Masterclass workshops in Hong Kong and Singapore, “doctoring” young to experienced actors to fine-tune their craft. Oliver is trained in the Stanislavsky method, Biomechanics, Alexander Technique, Commedia dell’arte, Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum Theatre, The Suzuki Method, Viewpoints, Mask Work, Puppetry and Tai Chi.

Oliver was the Resident Director of THE FINGER PLAYERS (2004 – 2018) and the founding member of A GROUP OF PEOPLE (2008 – 2012). He is the founder and Artistic Director of ODDDCROP Theatrical Productions.



  • The Straits Times Life! Theatre Award 2013 for Best Production of the Year (Roots)
  • The Straits Times Life! Theatre Award 2013 for Best Original Script (Roots)
  • The Straits Times Life! Theatre Award 2011 for Best Production of the Year (A Cage Goes in Search of a Bird)

The Straits Times Life! Theatre Award nominations

  • Best Production of the Year 2016  (Off Centre)
  • Best Production of the Year 2007  (I’m Just a Piano Teacher)
  • Best Production of the Year 2006  (Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea)
  • Readers’ Choice Award for Production of the Year 2013 (Roots)
  • Best Director 2014 (Citizen Pig)
  • Best Director 2007 (I’m Just a Piano Teacher)
  • Best Original Script 2014 (Citizen Pig)
  • Best Actor 2015 (Art)
  • Best Actor 2013 (Roots)
  • Best Actor 2011 (Invisibility/Breathing)
  • Best Supporting Actor 2017 (Itsy)
  • Best Supporting Actor 2009 (Flare)
  • Best Ensemble 2015 (Senang)
  • Best Ensemble 2011 (A Cage goes in Search of a Bird)
  • Best Ensemble 2010 (Rashomon)
  • Best Ensemble 2007 (First Family)
  • Best Ensemble 2005 (Shit Hole)
  • Best Set Design 2006 (Twisted)
  • Best Multimedia Design 2008 (Wong Kar Wai Dreams)