creative learning

At the core of ODDDCROP’s education work are its workshops, which offer an insight into the company’s working processes. Lecture demonstrations, post show talks and intimate workshops taking place all over the world with people of varying interests, abilities and backgrounds, from professionals and students, to young people within and without the theatre community.

The company also offers workshops based on productions, giving an intimate insight into how ODDDCROP develops its work.



Oliver Chong

Oliver Chong has conducted acting Masterclass workshops in Hong Kong and Singapore, “doctoring” young to experienced actors to fine-tune their craft. Oliver is trained in the Stanislavsky method, Biomechanics, Alexander Technique, Commedia dell’arte, Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum Theatre, The Suzuki Method, Viewpoints, Mask Work, Puppetry and Tai Chi.

Oliver Chong is also actively involved in encouraging arts appreciation in Singapore by cultivating new audiences through The Finger Players’ Reach Out! Arts Education Program since 2004, with an average outreach of 85,000 students and members of the public per year. To date, he has toured assembly plays and conducted playwriting, directing, acting and puppetry workshops at over 60 schools, institutions and organizations in Singapore and abroad.